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I've just been wondering. I mean, come on, they look so alike. And it does mention in Gengar's Pokedex entry that it is the Shadow Pokémon. So please tell me and end my curiosity once and for all...


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Well, in the end, Game Freak doesn't confirm it, so we don't know.

But it's a well constructed theory that makes lots of sense - until GF confirms it, which they probably won't, then we don't know. Sorry, this probably wasn't the answer you were expecting... if it helps in some way, I believe the theory is incorrect because Cleffa wasn't introduced 'till Gen II, while all three of the Gengar Evo Line were introduced in Gen I. Not to cause conflict, just my opinion on the matter. Sorry. :3

Hope I helped. :)

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You are very helpful... unlike my friends in school -3-
But clefable was released in gen 1 though...
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It could be but Game Freak has not said anything regarding this. It is just FAN speculation.