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Which is better mega banette vs mega gengar for pvp (Gen 7 moves)

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Mega Gengar
-Amazing SpA of 170
-Very fast with 130 Spe
-The outstanding ability of Shadow Tag that traps the opponent
-A nice movepool to work with, having Shadow Ball, Sludge Wave, Dazzling Gleam, Giga Drain, Encore, Substitute, Perish Song, etc.
-Sub-Par defenses

Mega Bannete
-Awesome 165 Atk
-A very good ability in Prankster
-Access to Destiny Bond, Will-O-Wisp, and other good utility moves
-Sub-Par stats outside of Atk
-Awkward mix of stats and being better for utility

Overall, Mega Gengar is far superior.

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I should use them together?
Using them together makes your team extra weak to stuff like Yveltal and Marshadow. Also you can't evolve both of them in the same battle. Please don't use them together.
Ok thx
You cant use two megas, just run Mega Gengar. Also, if this helped, click the green check mark please
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It's not even a competition. Mega Gengar is easily better. Mega Banette is completely unusable and unviable in Gen 7 RU, while Mega Gengar is one of the best Pokemon in Gen 7 Ubers. Mega Gengar has a much bigger movepool, much more speed, and a much better typing offensively. Mega Banette is sluggish, has poor bulk, and has a small movepool offensively. Trapping is infinitely superior to priority status moves. M-Banette's overreliance on the very inconsistent Prankster Destiny Bond makes it a wasted Mega slot and a wasted team slot.

Ok :))))