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Would it be male or female?

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U will get a random nidoran, either male or female. This applies to Volbeat and Illumise as well.


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If I breed a male Nidoran (6IVs, Destiny knot, Poison Point) with a female Nidoran (5IVs, Modest nature, Everstone, Hustle), will I ever end up with a 5IVs Modest Hustle Nidoran (M)?
There is a very good chance of it being 4IVs and above and good chance of hustle an 100% chance of nature and 50% chance of gender, so there u go :P and btw unless u wanna scarf nido king don't run modest, run timid.
Ok, thanks! :)
Its also the same with miltank and torous.
miltank would breed with ditto to give tauros...
=_=" i see some problems there gamefreak
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You would get a Nidoran(M) or a Nidoran(F). There is a ½ chance of getting both.


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Also applies to

Illumise and Volbeat, Taurus and Milktank, Braviary and Mandibuzz
i don't get it. how can tauros breed with miltank to give tauros? or for that matter mandibuzz breeding with braviary give braviary? I'M CONFUSED.