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I have two Nidoran, one with higher CP and one with a higher leveling amount. The first one has 607 CP and needs 6000 stardust and 6 candies to level up. The other one has 580 CP and needs 7000 stardust and 8 candies to level up. Which one will get me a stronger Nidoking?

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I’m pretty sure the one with the higher CP is better. Just compare the apprasials or use an IV calculator.
Isnt ther a cp calculator?
Also, @thecranpper I'm pretty sure that on PokeBase, there is automatically a question mark at the end of a question.
Yeah I sometimes use that but it’s kinda unreliable. It’s always off by about 150, and that’s too large an error margin for my liking.

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Go 607 it going to be stronger according to the evolution calculator I used (shout out to Octazooka).in the end after all your hard work this Pokemon will be stronger and cheaper to apparently, which is weird but I guess you have to catch a break sometime! hope I helped.

Ok read your comment took a look at some of the game mechanics and fashioned my own calculator which yes it's true your right There diffrent but the one I just made I pulled from the source code so it's definitely right The other calculator was only off by 9.03481 so it's still pretty close! hope THIS helped.