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At the beginning of the battle I caught my Phantump, it did the Phantump's Frisk pop-up thing. After I caught it, I looked at its summary and it said its ability was Natural Cure. What happened here...? ._.

It's a glitch! I am just guessing to be honest. Lol
Damn, Lilla your game is glitched everywhere -_-
Yeah I know...
Was it sent to your box? If so, are you sure you have the right one?
Did Phantump frisk, or your lead Pokemon?
Phantum frisked, and I had an empty spot in my party for it, so it didn't get mixed up with another.
simple, it was a glitch in which the game couldn't decide which ability to choose and choose both
congrats! you might have a pokemon with two abilities!
It was a glitch:/  Pokémon cant switch abilities so this is the only real solution.

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It was a glitch.

A Pokemon cant change abilities unless the Ability Capsule is used on it.

To be honest the comments answered your question, I just wanted to get it out of the "unanswered" section :P.

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Do you have CDO too? .3. (CDO is OCD in the right order...)
Maybe it's because of your game. You Said that you could capture a LV 100 Shiny Xerneas