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I was battling in the Battle Maison. I fought a Braviary with my Aegislash. I used King's Shield and its attack fell harshly. Then, its attack rose normally. So what will be its attack stat stage after this.

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With the Defiant boost, its Attack stage would be 0, or in other words normal. Since King's Shield drops its Attack by two stages and the Defiant boost increases it by two stages, they both basically cancel each other out.

So if you meant the Defiant boost when you said its Attack rose normally, you were incorrect. You must have read it incorrectly, or not realised that it wasn't the Defiant boost you read, because the Defiant boost would have said its Attack rose sharply.


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Let's see, kings shield lowers your attack by 2 stages when you make contact. Defiant raises attack sharply if a stat is lowered by 1 stage. So, if you think about it, your attack would be +2 because your attack is -2, then defiant raises it back up to +0, then another +2 from defiant. Hopefully this answers your question. Hope I helped!

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