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so for example an assault vest on watchdog increases its stats if I used baton pass will it pass these on to the next Pokemon or not ? thank you for the help :)

thank you damn was hoping I could use evolite to help my porygon 2 and chancey at the same time lol , thank you :)
No problem! Unfortunately Game Freak do have limits when it comes to boosting stats.

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No, that would not be passed on. For two reasons:

  • The only things that Baton Pass will pass on are stage-based boosts like from Swords Dance or Calm Mind. Items are different from these, and cannot be passed on through Baton Pass. Only the user of the item will experience its effects basically.
  • The Assault Vest would not let you use Baton Pass.
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Baton Pass only passes down changed stats. Like if my scolipede used swords dance, then baton pass, your next Pokemon will have the swords dance boost. If you want to switch items then try the moves trick and switcheroo. Hope this helps!