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I ev train he doesnt, It has speed and special attack and its outsped by my brothers non ev trained xerneas ! why? and its before it uses geomency after it uses geomency it spams flash cannon

mine has a relaxed nature

'246 speed and

Sorry I messed up its atually a darkrai that outspeeds it with dark void

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So I did some calculations on Showdown.

Even if your Xerneas has 252 EVs in speed, but 0 speed IV and a negative nature for speed, its speed will be 239. If your brother's Xerneas has 16 or higher IV in speed with a positive nature, it will have a minimum 240 speed and outspeed yours.

Basically, your Xerneas has a really bad speed IV and your brother's has a really good one.

And idk about how much you know about how your brother plays Pokemon, but it's possible that he could've EV trained and you just didn't notice?

nope he doesnt care for that kind of stuff  he thinks its a waste of time
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Your Xerneas could be out sped possibly because of nature, for example if your Xerneas has a relaxed nature (or any nature that decreases the growth of speed naturally) can be out sped by a Xerneas that has a nature such as a hasty nature (or a nature that naturally increases speed) because when a nature subtracts from speed to increase any other stat it's basically a cripple without major speed training. http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/natures