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Just caught this Xerneas,

Xerneas - #716 (Modest)
HP: 26 - 27
Att: 0 - 1
Def: 31
SpA: 30 - 31
SpD: 10 - 11
Speed: 30 - 31

Keep or go for better? His att IV kinda bugs me : /

Probably gonna use him as a sp attacker, but it's just for if I'd run a physical attack in his moveset like close combat

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It isn't really worth running a physical attack on this Xerneas as it seems that you were graced with the fact that your Xerneas was just built for fast special attacking. However if your intentions are to run a physical attacking Xerneas then it would be most optional to just get a new one if this is in your reach of course which I am speculating to be so. It has a nature not beneficial for it's attack stat and very low attack IVs so I wouldn't even say it's worth running Close Combat on it as it has access to a special fighting move which shares the same power but however a lower accuracy, Focus Blast. I wouldn't advice replacing this one as it is quite hard to get a Pokemon with such good IVs and with combined with it's Modest nature it can successfully run a Geomancy set which is in fact very deadly.
However if what you desire is a physical Xerneas then yes, it is recommended that you catch one with the Adamant or Jolly Nature or even Naive, Mild, Hasty, Rash, Lonely,Naughty if it is a mixed sweeper you seek.

Thanks for your comment. I'm planning to use him as a special attacker but I was just thinking about what if I would want to have a physical attack on it, which isn't really needed so I guess I'll except this gift the Pokemon gods gave me.
Lo, cool :)
And you are welcome