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I'm wondering whether or not Pickup activates for these things:

  • Wild Battles
  • Friend Safari
  • Battle Chateau
  • Trainer Battles
  • Battle Masion
  • Wifi Battles

It would be great if anyone could tell me whether or not it activates for each one.

Oh, and by the way, I mean the "Outside of Battle" from Pickup's page, not the in-battle one.

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It activates for all of them, but you cannot keep the items in Battle Maison, Trainer Battles (Battle Château is the same thing) and WiFi Battles.

Source: I tested

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That's too bad (esp. the trainer battles).  Thanks!
I had to undo the BA because this answer is wrong.  I tested and found out that you can keep items from trainer battles/battle chateau.
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Pick up does pick up items that the other Pokemon is holding, it will not pick-up items in wifi battles or trainer battles. Only in wild- Pokemon appear battles. Pick-up could be destroy by these moves:

  • Bug bite
    -Knock OFf
  • a popped air ballon cannot be picked up