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Does anyone play this game?
Sorry looked every were but I have no idea sorry if id o know I will tell you
So would I but I cant find a good site for research, couldnt even find much on Serebii, so this is a good question, which is why I voted it. Its been a week since you asked this!!!
Are you talking about pokemon trozei?
Yeah that is another name for it

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You can use your coins in Pokemon Link!(also known as Pokemon Trozei!) You can use them in Mr Who's Den.Mr. Who's Den is a bonus location in Pokemon Trozei. Instead of the normal five-columned playing field that you are accustomed to, you will be playing on a seven-columned field. For one prize coin, you are given two minutes to Trozei as many Pokemon as you can. In Mr. Who's Den, you will encounter some rare Pokemon that you will not see anywhere else in Adventure Mode, including all 28 Unown. Of course, as with the other locations, there are sets of common Pokemon. These sets are chosen randomly each time you play.

Thank God someone finally answered this question!