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Would this work in battle?

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Ok in battle and baton passed some stats on to girafarig raised more and use baton pass again now will those first stats I raised continue to go on

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so, someone uses BP on Girafarig, who then boosts, and BPs again? i thunk so, but im not sure so im not answering.
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You should probably edit the question title to something like "Does Baton Pass continue to pass stats when used repeatedly" or something like that, just in case more people have this question.

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Stat boosts can be baton passed infinitely without losing the stat boosts. In addition to stats ingrain, aquaring also will get baton passed. Leech seed and effects of mean look will b baton passed as well.
Source:experience with BP teams and this replay
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Yes, it would work. They are still stat changes, and stat changes are always baton pass. Hope I helped!

Source: battled a friend that transferred aqua ring then swords dance then baton passed to a mawile

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