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I checked the bottom left island and bottom right island but I cant find Lugia. the bottom left and right islands are connected too... and I cant find the other 2 0-0 help plz???


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To get Lugia, you have to go to Whirl Islands (which fall between Cianwood and Olivine city) and enter the top-right island:

The top right one
You'll need Surf, Whirlpool, Flash (compulsory), Waterfall and Strength (optional, only for items)

Source - Experience and Serebii
Hope I helped!

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By the way, what move should i forget for my Poliwhirl for Waterfall? Water Gun or Double Slap? I cant forget stength and Whirlpool because hm.
water gun, double slap still has it's uses, and water gun is completely outclassed by waterfall
I have my Espeon with Flash, my Gyarados with Surf, and my Poliwhirl with Whirlpool, Waterfall and Strength.
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Go for the biggest island in terms of the cave size, if I remember correctly, it should be the top right. Hope I helped!

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