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I haven't seen it much in Ubers at all. Is there a reason for this, or is it just that I haven't battled the people who do use it?

Think of it this way: Mewtwo was always one of the most used Pokemon, in Ubers many people used it in gen 5.
And now, it's even stronger! You think people aren't using it? It's just as viable as Mewtwo was in gen 5.
Actually, I use X over Y, because no-one expects it. Also, I also use a very good moveset on it:

-Bulk Up
-Drain Punch
-Zen Headbutt

It has earned me a lot of sweeps. It's very good.

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Yea, Mewtwo X is viable, but there's really little reason you would use Mewtwo X when you can use Mewtwo Y, Life Orb or Scarf Mewtwo.

Mewtwo X gains a really high attack, slightly higher defences, but it doesn't really have anything to go with it. Brick Break is its strongest fighting STAB, which is a bit redundant when there's Aura Sphere. Then its strongest physical Psychic STAB is Zen Headbutt, which really pales in comparison to Psystrike, 100 base power and 100% accuracy. It also retains the same speed, unlike Mewtwo Y which gains +10 base speed. Mewtwo does get Stone Edge & Earthquake, but it still has better coverage in Bolt/Beam/Thrower combo.

The only reason to run Mewtwo X is for its typing. It loses its weaknesses to Bug & Dark, and gains Fairy weakness & Rock resistance. Mewtwo X helps with a few things, like Scizor and Blissey since it can be a mixed attacker, but loses out to stuff like Gengar and Darkrai. I guess another reason to run Mewtwo X is for surprises, since your opponent will likely switch in a special wall when facing a Mewtwo.

Regular Mewtwo also has the option to run Scarf or Orb, so really it makes a better mixed attacker because of either boosted speed or offenses and frees up your Mega slot. Even Mewtwo Y isn't really that great because of its lower defence, meaning a U-Turn from a Scarf Genesect will OHKO it. In short, there are better Megas to make use of in Ubers, not least Gengar, Scizor, Kangkaskhan et al.

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Can't argue with that at all. Nice answer! *upvote*
Also gains a flying weakness like...
Yvetal wouldn't be a bad choice against Mewtwo X, I think.

I forgot the flying weakness.
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I think it's mostly because Mewtwo's other Mega Evolution outshines it in preview.

This is mostly because Mega Mewtwo Y's moveset is far more usable than the other variant. Mewtwo's original forme gained a lot of moves that benefitted from it's Special Attack, and not the Attack stat; Eg- Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Aura Sphere, Psystrike, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball and more.

X's type doesn't do too many favours. Bulky Psychic types resist both it's STABs, and Pokemon like Sableye (a common Will-O-Wisp Pokemon) are not affected at all. Walls like Lugia and Cresselia are prominent (the latter being less common) which make X's life unbearable. Y on the other hand, can fight back almost anything it comes face to face with (even lugia can have a tough time).

The X varaint lacks the sheer versatility the Y variant has, and although it can run a mixed set, Y can easily prove as a better sweeper. Even when confronted by special walls (bar dark types, who are usually frail and are destroyed by Aura Sphere) Mega Mewtwo Y can simply Psystrike tham away, or sometimes flat out overpower them.

Then again, X is also a common variant, you run into one in battle spot every now and then.
But I think that X is not chosen mostly because Y is usually a better option. It's not as uncommon as you think, there are many such occasions on which you'll come across one doing more work on your team than a Y variant.

Hope I helped!