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Okay as you probably all know Mewtwo gives off 3 EV's in Special Attack if you defeat it in battle. So does Mega Mewtwo X also give off 3 EV's in Special Attack despite it's best Stat being in Attack, or does it give off 3 EV's in Attack instead?

Obviously you can't battle a Mega Mewtwo X in the wild but you can hack it to appear in your game much like the hacker Smealum hacked Mega Latias and Meta Latios into his game.

Damn, this one's a stumpy. o3o
only someone who has hacked his game can answer this one, im guessing since it can only be battled in the wild using hax GF didnt bother changing it's EV yield so its still 3 on Sp. Att
I agree with terlor. It's only a temporary form so that makes sense
Yeah, do the Rotom forms have different EV yields? No. (don't quote me on this one)
Yeah this is a difficult one to answer I think the same as what you guys think since it's a temporary form but I'm not sure to be totally honest.
This kind of question has been asked 3 times in 2 days...

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Again, the Mega evolution of a Pokemon is the same as its normal form.

[Source][1](been asked 3 times already.)
Hope it helps.
[1]: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/193420/does-mega-evolution-give-a-different-ev-yield

Your source has been hidden...

Also I did see a question that asked if Mega Gyarados's EV Yeild was the same as it is in it's normal form. It said it was but that may be because Gyarados gives off 2 EV's in Attack if you defeat it in battle. Gyarados's highest Stat is it's Attack Stat as is Mega Gyarados's so that may be why the EV Yeild doesn't change for Gyarados when it Mega Evolves.

When Mewtwo Mega Evolves into Mega Mewtwo X it's highest Stat changes from Special Attack to Attack hence why I asked the question.
Yeah I saw about the source. Basically it should give off the same amount.
Since they didn't specify any changes in it one can assume it stayed the same, even if a different stat is higher, after all, in the core it's still the same Pokemon.
You could always check that though, on the Super training screen you could see what bar stretched more(though you're not going to find a Mega Mewtwo X anywhere :/)
Lol that was my own question. I hid it on my own will because it was already resolved
Why hide it if it's resolved? This is the Pokemon-Datenbank after all
Because I believe asking questions that have been already asked and answered is unnessacery