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Remember that place called Giant Chasm on Pokemon Black ?

Well, I was there just now trying to catch a Ditto.
And...I ran into Level 1 Latios.

Is this a glitch ?

And no I haven't used any Cheat Codes or anything.

NOTE - Its the Legit Game. Not a ROM -_-

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and you are playing on DS/3DS?
...Or rom, if this is a rom we cant answer this question, but it was most likely a glitch or an Eater egg from the persom who made the Rom.
A legit, store-bought game? if it is, your-game glitched HARD, i have never seen such a serious glitch before, you are very lucky :>
I thought Latias was the Red guy...
Eh  -Oh yeah. I always get confused...

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None can be found, so it is a glitch that happened in the game.

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That's LatiAs, not LatiOs...