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Like Kyurem-B's base Attack is 170. How does that get converted into stat points?


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The base stats are converted into real stats by the following formula at Level 100:

(Base Stat 2) + 5
Unless HP, which is:
(Base Stat
2) + 110

So if you have a Pokemon with 170 Base Attack, you would plug it into the formula as such:
*(1702) + 5
340 + 5
345 = n** (for later)

So it would have a stat of 345. However, this is with 0 IVs. This stat could raise by as much as 31 with a perfect IV. So you could have a stat anywhere between 345-376 now.

However, EVs come into play as well. Every 4 EVs on a Pokemon raise the stats by 1, meaning 252 EVs raise the stat by 63. Also, natures raise a random stat by 10% and lower a random stat by 10%. There are also 5 natures that raise or lower no stats. They are Serious, Hardy, Docile, Bashful and Quirky. Source.

So, for example, say you have a Kyruem-Black with 27 IVs in Attack, a Quirky nature, and 184 EVs in Attack. Remember the variable "n" earlier? This saves us work, as we know Kyruem-B's minimum stat.
The equation we would use is:

n + 27 + (184 / 4)
n + 27 + 46
n + 73
(Since n = 345,)
345 + 73

Therefore, your Kyruem-Black would have an attack stat of 418.

Source: Here

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Lol i dont think you were suppose to include IVs, Evs and Natures since it was just Base Stats, but still a very good answer +1 from me
Apparently you were :P
Slight correction: "natures raise a random stat by 10% and lower a random stat by 10%" You should say that this happens at level 100, because before, its less. But still +1.
Wait, really? I thought it was just a 10% increase the whole time.
For example:

Level 50 stat: 150 + 10% = 165 (A)
Level 100 stat: 300 + 10% = 330 (B)
B/A = 2, 100/50 = 2?
Apparently not, that's what it says on the db natures page.
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>A Pokémon's base stats will most often have the greatest influence over their specific stats at any level. Disregarding individual values, effort values, and Nature, a level 100 Pokémon's stats in Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, and Special Defense will be exactly 5 more than double its base stats in each, while the HP stat will be 110 plus double the base stat (except in the case of Shedinja, whose HP is always 1). - Bulbapedia's Base Stat Info

So theres your answer
Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, and Special Defense = 5 + ( 2 x Base Stat)

HP = 110 + (2 x HP Base Stat)

Is this what youre asking. I might not have got the question entirely correct
Oh and of course this is for a level 100 pokemon when we strip it of things that change its stat like Ivs, Evs, and Natures.
I think you did.
Staaaaaaaahp. I typed mine out forever :P