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How do people know that groudon weighs over a ton, so how do people know that? It's not like they have the worlds biggest and most durable scale or anything.

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Yeah, I guess you have a point, it does seem hard to weigh that thing provided how big, fat, and enraged it can be. However, all Pokemon are required to have information recorded in Height, Weight, Footprint, etc. I always thought of how right after you caught a Pokemon, you input the information yourself, so I wouldn't know how the trainer would weigh this Pokemon by him/herself, but they most likely have some way of doing. After all, they have ways of being able to weigh other stuff like cars and trucks that might weigh a little bit more than Groudon. Just remember it is a game and not everything is supposed to make sense.

Also, Groudon weighs 2094.4 pounds.


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My Illogical Theory

Do you remember how in Black and White 2, they caged up Kyurem? So, obviously, it's possible. Assuming this is possible in the Pokemon world, a good way someone can way such a violent Pokemon as Groudon would probably shoot a tranquilizing dart at it or something to put it to sleep and incarcerate it in something in order to weigh it. Then, they would set the animal back into the wild and weigh the cage, and subtract the cage's weight away from the cage + Groudon's weight, to create Groudon's weight. Either way, they'd probably have to put it to sleep in order to weigh it. Of course, the other option is simply that it's Game Freak Logic - don't expect it to make sense. :P

Hope I helped. :)