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There are several easy ways of defeating a Malamar, but one condition has to be set before anything can be done: do not let it set up too much, it's that point when things start looking bad.

Malamar has a x4 weakness to Bug types, so Pokemon like Scizor will easily scoop up the squid in ther pincers (pinsirs?).

Also, Malamar is probably the only Pokemon (bar it's pre-evolution) to have no resistances whatsoever. So hitting it with strong neutral moves is also a good means of defeating it.

Ghost-pokemon, mostly the ones that will get their job done faster than Malamar can Night Slash them, are a great choices as they prevent it from setting up with Superpower. Examples include Sableye, which can burn it and take next to nothing from Night Slash/Foul Play and Trevenant, which can take a Night Slash and retaliate with Will-O-Wisp.

These are but a few ways of dealing with Malamar, play out it's weaknesses, and it would not be as much of a nuisance as you think it is.

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It's really incredibly easy to deal with
U turn is so common now that malamar is not an issue