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Its been tearing up my team

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  1. Get a shroomish to evolve onto a Breeloom at level 23- it learns Mach punch which is super effective

  2. If you chose a Mudkip for a starter- Then that's easy use mud shot I hope its at least at level 25....

(The magneton doesn't have leviate)

  1. If you chose Torchic-Double kick and ember will do nicely

  2. If you chose Treecko- Weeeelll that's a bit more tricky. I don't think I used Grovyle for that gym at all when I played Emerald. But you could level it up to Level 29 and teach it leaf blade-until either of them dies-Yes Grovyle isn't much help for this one.

  3. Catch a Geodude in Granite Cave and level it up to lv 18 for Magnitude. bring a few potions handy just in case it uses Sonicboom.

P.S - You probably do but SAVE BEFORE you battle him

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Magnemite have Levitate
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