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I hate those staller Walreins!!! They can Stockpile without taking too much damage! Does anyone know any good Pokemon to counter them?!

What format are you playing?
Showdown! or 3DS? If Showdown!, what does the box near the top left under "Format:" say? If 3DS, is it local battles or Battle Spot?
Xurkitree demolishes it STAB thunderbolt

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Virtually any Taunt user shuts down Walrein completely, as they prevent it from using any of the annoying status moves you mentioned above. In addition, most strong super effective hits (particularly after using setup moves like Swords Dance or Nasty Plot) do a pretty effective job, as well as residual damage from moves like Toxic or Leech Seed.

Here is Walrein's Page on Smogon for further reference. (Note that this is the XY edition, as the Sun and Moon one has not been made yet.)

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The most common way to deal with Pokemon like Walrein is probably by using moves like swords dance and nasty plot. You should mention that.
I feel like that loosely falls under the category of strong super effective moves, but I will add that.
The thing about setup moves is that the attack move boosted by the setup move doesn't need to be strong or super effective.