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When I got to Iris, I had the most trouble with those two where the toughest.
Here are my Pokemon of that battle:
lvl 52 Skarmory @ Amulet Coin
Rash/Alerts to souds---Keen Eye
Night slash
Steel Wing
Air Slash
lvl 52 Crobat @ none
Lax/Sturdy Body---Inner Focus
Poison Fang
Cross Poison
lvl 44 Magneton @ Exp. Share
Brave/A little quick tempered---Sturdy
Metal sound
Magnet Bonb
mirror Shot
lvl 52 Flygon @ Power Lens
Careful/Alerts to sound---Levitate
Hyper Beam
Earth Power
lvl 56 Keldeo @ Mystic Water
Sword Dance
Sacred Sword
Hydro Pump
lvl 69 Emboar
Bold/Quick Tempered---Blaze
Flare Blitz
Head Smash

Note I was training my Magneton and is now a Magnezone

I noticed you have no item for Crobat which works well for his acrobatics but if you manage to find a poison gem in a bubbling spot in a cave then give that to him use cross poison or poison fang and then do acrobatics.

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Her Haxorus is at around level 60 (if I remember correctly).

You need to train the rest of your team more, so they can deal with the rest of her team, meaing that your Emboar can be used last in the battle, and use a STAB fighting move to deal with Haxorus (maybe something like Superpower, but be careful since her Haxorus has Focus Sash). The Move Tutor in Lentimas Town will tutor Superpower for 10 Blue Shards.

Your Emboar should be able to deal with Hydregion with one STAB fighting move, even something like Brick Break should be able to finish it off. Also give your Emboar Leftovers, since it seems to be your main Pokemon (also just remembered that Brick Break is a TM only obtainable via PWT, so just stick with Superpower).

I was going to suggest giving your Keldeo Ice Beam, but I just remembered that it can't learn it. :x

Personally, I ended with my Samurott using Ice Beam, but I don't think there are many water Pokemon around at this stage.

You can catch Marill at level 35-50 at Victory Road in the cave by surfing, or you can go back to Humilau to catch a Jellicent at around level 40, but to be honest, I would just train your team further and use your Emboar to deal with Haxorus.

I also would not use your Flygon for this battle unless its level is significantly higher, because Iris' Hydregion and Haxorus are fast and will KO you before you can deal damage.

Most things in game can be surpassed with relative ease if your level is high enough.

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Icy Wind is nice on Keldeo, btw.
Yea but base power of 55 though; you don't want Keldeo to take many hits. :x
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Well, you have a great Haxorus destroyer in you team already. And his name is Skarmory. He resists all of Haxorus's moves and can slowing eat away his health. And btw, Haxorus's Outrage does pitiful damgae to Skarmory and his X-Scissor does less. So just level up Skarmory to say Lv. 65 and teach it Roost(Move Tutor) over Air Slash and that should be enough to beat Iris's haxorus with realative ease. Now as for taking care of Hydreigon, just level up Keldeo and then you will be able to OHKO it with Secret Sword if you are about Lv. 65. I know I did it with an Aura Sphere from my Lucario and it has a 110 SpA stat and Keldeo has a 129 SpA stat. And if you don't OHKO, then Hydreigon will not be able to really hurt you anyways.

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I personally would train your team a little more, excluding Emboar. Skarmory is definitely a good choice to keep in your team, seeing as it's a steel type. Something you may or may not want to do is get a strong dragon type. Dragon types are weak against other dragon types, but are also strong against them. This is confusing, but think of it this way: Haxorus is a dragon type, and uses a dragon move on YOUR dragon Pokemon and does super-effective damage. Now YOU use a dragon move on her dragon Pokemon and it does super-effective damage. As you can see, dragon types have advantages and disadvantages.

Hope this helps!

Good luck!


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I'm super late on but Lapras can handle most of her team. She learns Ice Beam at Level 32, so it'll be super effective against most of Iris's opponents. Surf should take care of Archeops and Aggron, while Thunderbolt and Psychic should take care of Iris's own Lapras. I'd honestly be most concerned about Archeops and Haxorus who have huge amounts of attack. Have some backup, since Lapras isn't going to be able to outspeed anybody on Iris's team except Aggron and Druddigon, and the damage it'll take from battling Hydreigon, Haxorus, and Archeops may kill her. Teach that Keldeo Icy Wind, it'll help. Sure, it's not a great Ice move like Ice Beam is, but it's worth a try. Otherwise, use your own Haxorus.