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On Pokemon showdown, toxapex is everywhere, I use taunt but they can just switch out, and they take super effective hits very well, and the merciless ability with the moves toxic venoshock is just insane, anyway to counter it?

You could use a steel type like Magnezone and take them on with Thunder / Tbolt.
Toxapex can be 2HKOed or OHKOed by tons of pokemon. You could try something that sets up a substitute that Toxapex can't break, maybe a Buzzwole or Zygarde 50 and proceed to kill it or set up on it.

>I use taunt but they can just switch out

Forcing switches is good. Try getting some entry hazards up, or predicting their switch-in to your Pokemon and sending out a new one that threatens in out. A large piece of battling is having the advantage and forcing switches frequently.
Tapu Lele is death to Toxapex. They'll have to play very conservatively and cautiously against this Pokemon if they're using Toxapex, which is great if their team centres too much around it. The most common variants are cleanly OHKO'd by Psychic.
I want to say that Alolan Riachu would be a great choice, because you can do either Psychic or Thunderbolt and erase it pretty easily.
You can use a wall that isn't threatened by toxic and can raise an attack stat, like swords dance Gliscor or calm mind mega Sableye.
Give it a good 'ol shock from any electric type or just Tapu Meme its sorry baneful little abomination hair.

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(this has alot of controversy doesn't it)
sorry. Anyway, here's what you could do:
go full on kamekazi
use Salazzle or toxapex just to screw with your opponent
OR do the smart thing and go at it with Alolan Raichu or Tapu Lele. Or here's what you could do:
have taunt or swagger on most of your team, use mean look(or spirit shackle if you have decidueye), go in with an Alolan Raichu or a Steel type and destroy the Toxapex!
you could also set in a spike trap cause the toxic spikes wont hurt toxapex, and then head in with taunt/swagger with mean look/ss and Alolan Raichu/Steel.
and vola! you have an anti toxapex strategy.
Hope I helped!!!

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You know the Tapus are part Fairy type, weak to poison right? Because if it's true that Toxapex can take a hit, then Lele's done for.
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A common threat that could beat Toxapex is Tapu Koko.

Tapu Koko @ Zap Plate
Ability: Electric Surge
EVs: 252 Spa / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
- Thunderbolt
- Volt Switch
- U-Turn
- HP Ice / HP Fire

This is one Koko set I love using. HP Ice and Fire depends on your teams needs. Fire hits Ferro and Scizs switching in and HP Ice hits Lando and Chomp. Thunderbolt OHKOs Toxapex in Electric terrain. Volt Switch / U-Turn hits a multiple of Pokemon effectively and does very well in weakening teams and providing Momentum. Use Tapu Koko if you hate Toxapex.

Same as above. Be careful of its Poison attacks.