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How on earth does Serebii know ?
Are they worth trusting ?

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well it gets it from corocoro so I would assume so
Thanks everyone :D
I would say that serebii isn't the most trustworthy, but CoroCoro is.
They stalk Nintendo o_o

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As tazzie said Serebii get's it's information from CoroCoro, which is a Japanese Magazine.

CoroCoro is known as a source for Pokémon news, as many announcements pertaining to both the anime and games come to fans by way of the magazine. It also showcases Pokémon manga, having released Pokémon Adventures since the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter.

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Serebii is pretty trustworthy in general.
They got the info on the megas from official Corocoro leaks, which is a japanese magazine.
Not much else to it that this.

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Serebii is a trustworthy source that have barely ever been wrong. It seems that they get their hands on the CoroCoro magazine before its released, and they scan the pages and leak them. Either way, these leaks are mostly real and you should trust Serebii.

Hope I helped. :)

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