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For example, would you say, "Look at all of those Magikarp!" or "Look at all of those Magikarps!"

Same applies for all Pokémon.


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As for Pokemon X/Y, they mostly don't. Here's proof:
Lickitung Horde
Gulpin Horde
Axew Horde

According to these, since multiple Pokemon appear, none of them are referred to with they're plural foms. Most of them don't have a plural form.

Source: All those links above
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Wrong type of their.
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There's no official correct way of plural for Pokemon so you can add an "s" if you want, really. But if you want to be more accurate on this, don't add an "s". The word "Pokemon" is always singular and so is every Pokemon.

Source: Searched a bit on the Serbii thread about it,
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I'm pretty sure in the games they don't add an s.
They don't.