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Perhaps it's banned because it's another name for Satan. But if so, would't that mean the game's favoring or siding with a religion(s)?

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You can name a Pokemon Lucifer. See?
enter image description here
Lucifer actually means something good in Latin: Light Bringer/Bearer.
Luc is a Latin prefix for light, and fer is a Latin stem for carry. So it actually means something good, so it's fine.
Also, another thing:
> "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!" Isaiah 14:12

This proves that the Bible infers that Lucifer is a light-bearer, since he is referred to as the "Son of the Morning".

You can also name Pokemon with names such as "Satan" and "Meth". But "Spike"? That's just a big no-no.

Source: The Caterpie I just caught.

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Spike is okay. I saw someone on Pokémon Black using Surf with a Stoutland named "Spike".
Black wasn't as sensitive :|
Black <3
I just transferred a Ferrothorn named Spike to my X/Y and it went through. Does X/Y change it back to its normal name?
It might alter the name o3o