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(For in-game Y and MD:GtI)

From what I know, Sobek is an Egyptain God of the Nile River. He looks like a crocodile and is fierce with protecting the river from harm.

I tried naming a Sandile Sobek but it wouldn't accept. Can you tell me why?

Contains "sob". That's probably the only reason.
Why sob?
Is that something im too young to get?
Its used as an abbreviation for a phrase with a swear
Probibally the k. It is in more than one swear word so Nintendo can't even bear having it in their pokemon games as nicknames.
You could've called him Sebek. From what I know, the god's name is Sebek.

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Sonuva (Gun), these nick-naming rules sure are pretty specific. It makes me sob to see this.

Male offspring of a female canine abbreviation, most probably.

Definitely not racism or xenophobia toward the Egyptians.

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lol the pun
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So I did the exact same thing as you(I name a lot of my Pokemon after gods and goddesses) and so I made a sneaky discovery just use a 5 instead of a S like below...


It works but looks a little bit weird..