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The name seemed fitting so I tried went to the Name Rater to change my Pidgeot's name, but it says that I can't enter that word. The word it was talking about was "Wap". Is there something offensive about that word that everyone knows but me or is it just something obscure no one else knows?

It's probably offensive in a foreign language
I just looked through each censored word on Bulbapedia and found nothing with "wap" in it at all... that's strange.
Maybe Nintendo just doesn't like hiphop
definitely because wap is a verb used only in suggestive themes that are not allowed to be said on this site.
What game are you playing?
Where does this Pidgeot come from?
Did you catch it? Was it traded? Is it from another country?
Are you using an emulator or a real cartridge?

Those are informations you should be telling us in the question and thru the tags because they directly interfere with the player's ability to give and change a nickname.

The way things are now, I don't think someone will be able to help you.

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Based off Urban Dictionary, I think the most likely explanation is that "wap" is a derogatory word for people of Italian descent. Either that or something involving masturbation, but since every Urban Dictionary entry has one of those even for things that are entirely unrelated, I'm going to go with the insult towards Italians explanation.

Kind of makes you think where the hell fetty wap got his name from