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I cloned a Weedle and the cloned Weedle's name is ??? Why is that its name?

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I'm not sure. But it probably is because it's cloned and the game thinks it's a Pokémon it doesn't know. It doesn't go for other glitches, (like Missingno, but that means Missing number so) but most of them where intended for the game, but didn't make it.
But every other time I cloned it never hapened.
You should probably state that in the question though.
Hmm, alright, I'm incorrect, I'm not an expert about glitches, but I was just thinking.

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I have never played Crystal, but it looks like you shut off the game at the wrong time.
Here's the site I found, and this seems to confirm it.

A bad clone is clone made from the Gold/Silver/Crystal cloning glitch which has had its data corrupted due to the player switching off the power of their game at the wrong moment.

The Pokémon which was about to be cloned instead becomes a glitched Pokémon. It usually will have a nickname with a large amount of glitch text.

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