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So, I got a Weedle. Why a name like HashtagBEAST? Beedrill learns very awesome moves.
However, why is it banned?

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I know why.

I tested it in the game, and now I'm pretty sure why. The name contains the word 'sht', which is basically that swear word without the vowel. Of course, giving the name a space is quite impossible as it reaches the exact limit of 12 characters, so you may not be able to give your Beedrill it's desired name. Sorry. :(

Hope I helped. :)
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You're right, it was also in the list of censored words too, I missed it.
is the # symbol available? because if it is, they should use it.
Was 'sht' in the censored list? I didn't find it. Oh well.
Terlor, I don't think it would suit the Pokemon as it would say '#Beast' or '#TagBeast', which wouldn't really get the point of the name across.
I agree with my fellow Sir (to be) :3
I just named it beast.