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In the super safe X and Y of course. Those of you who know a bit of German will know that it comes from the word Nutzlich in German (for useful).

So why can't I name my Chespin Nutzli?

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is there a wordception inside that word that means something bad in German? because that's probably why
I think "Nut" is a banned word.
The censor is not language specific.
No, I think Nazi is the banned word, because I can't enter Nutzli, but I can enter Nuttzli. Also, my friend blatantly called his nut, so I know it can't be nut.

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I think it is censored because of nazi, and yeah you probably know what it is or nutte which means hooker. Sorry for writing it here would be perfect with a spoiler feature.

Source(s): http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_censored_words_in_Generation_V
Yeah that is gen 5, but i'm quite sure gen 6 has the same censored words.

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This might be because part of the word Nutz means something else, or its because of the name linked to the Nazis from World War II. Remember EVERYONE in the world play X & Y, so its likely to offend other country players.