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One guy on Youtube's Oshawott hasn't evolved yet! Maybe he doesn't want to, but he never received a message asking if Oshawott was going to evolve! Does it work differently than regular Pokèmon games?

I never played GtI, but if it's anything like the old PMD games then your starters can't evolve until you beat the whole story.
Oh, and I want my Legendaries back now :)
Not allowed to play on school days. I am a 6 grader after all! You can get them back Saturday.

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Evolution is different compared to all the other Mystery Dungeon games in this game you can actually evolve any Pokemon on your team in any dungeon if they met the requirements. But you and your partner have to wait until after the events at the Worldcore dungeon and 1 more dungeon from anywhere. Once that is done you can now evolve yourself and your partner

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That explains a lot! Thank ypu