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I've noticed that some Pokémon (such as Wynaut) have names that represent common words or phrases people use and would like to know what all of them are. A couple things to note:

  • Animal names don't count
  • Partial words can count too (i.e. Onix-pected, Absol-utely, etc.)
  • EDIT: puns that don't use the entire word (like Mamos-whine and Weep-inbell) don't count either; I'm sorry I forgot to mention that.

Thanks to anyone willing to help!

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Answering all of them would take lots of time.

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  • Onix-pected: unexpected
  • Cha ritard: retard
  • Bayleef: believe
  • Gastly: Ghastly
  • Kabutops : top
  • Absol-utely: absolutely
  • Toge kiss: kiss
  • Jynx: To Jinx
  • Starmie & Staryu: Me and You
  • Goodra: Good
  • Jellicent: Jealous
  • Serperior: Superior
  • Mamoswhine: Whine
  • Chatot: chat
  • Abra: A bra
  • Weepinbell: To weep
  • Mandibuzz(kill): buzz-kill
  • Machamp: My champ
  • Wynaut: Why not
  • (E) Raticate: Eraticate
  • Shaymin: Shame in
  • Articuno: Uno= one
  • Zapdos:Dos=Two
  • Moltres: Tres = three
  • Weedle: Wheedle (out)
  • Drowzee: Drowsy
  • Tyrunt: Tyrant
  • Purugly: Pure Ugly
  • Forretress: fortress
  • Furret: For it
  • Gloom-y: Gloomy
  • Goomy: Gloomy
  • Eevee-ning: Evening
  • Chansey: Chance
  • Raichu: Write you
  • Pikachu: Peek at you
  • Ditto: Ditto
  • Amewsing: Amusing
  • Mewtwo: Me too
  • Weedle: Wheedle
  • Arbok: Are back
  • Weezing: Weezing
  • Koffing: Coughing
  • Klink and Klang: Klink and Klang (Kinda like representing the sounds of money hitting each other and stuff)
  • Muk: Muck
  • Swellow: Swallow
  • Taillow: Tail
  • Goldeen: Gold
  • Throh-ing: Throwing
  • Snorlax: Snore
  • Karrablast: Blast
  • Seel: Seal
  • Farfetch'd: Far fetched
  • Seaking: Seeking
  • Sharpedo: Torpedo
  • Haunter: haunt
  • Giratina: Garuntee
  • Charmander: Charm and the
  • Kakuna Ratata: Hakuna Matata (A swahili phrase meaning "No Worries" - popularised by Lion King)
  • Rhydon: RIde On
  • Oddish;oddish
  • Paras: Paris
  • Horsea: Horse
  • Magikarp-et: Magic Carpet
  • Sentret: Sentry
  • Relicanth: Really can't
  • Natu: Not to
  • Unown: Unknown
  • Exploud: Explode
  • Meditite: Meditate
  • Minun-um: Minimum
  • Solrock: Sole Rock
  • Timburr: Timber
  • Vanillite/Vanillish/Vanilluxe: Vanilla
  • Deerling: Darling
  • Shelmet: Helmet
  • Doublade: Dual Blade
  • Inkay: Kay (As in okay)
  • Bisharp: Bishop
  • Cubchoo: Achoo
  • Chandelure: Chandelier
  • Lampent: Lamp
  • Archen-emy: Arch Enemy
  • Scrafty: Crafty
  • Luvdisc: Love Disc
  • Slowpoke: Slowpoke
  • Cleffa: Clever
  • Hypno-tise: hypnotise
  • Mankey: Monkey

I will post more as they come

PS: Credit to Semp because I stole most of these from him
P.S: Sempi edit: I added in a whole load anyway o3o
Also Indi, to answer your question, I am the pun god. :>
Also, there are a couple slightly rude ones/sexual ones which I won't be adding in. Post on my wall if you want to know them (Sempiternus not Aeternis :c)

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Also, please note several of those like Deerling and Meditite are puns in theory. I haven't used some of the above ones before, so I'm not sure how they work out. I've used most of them though. Don't for what purpose.
Can someone edit out all the puns that don't use the entire word?  That would be great.
When I saw Abra I was like wut 0_0
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rotom(wrote em)
geodude(you dude)
dr-mew(doctor who)
boldore(bold or)