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Soooooooo I had to deliver Tamutamu (I can't spell his English name?) An item, and I know it's a sleep item based off of name, but I'm not sure which item exactly he's looking for since I can't read one (1) katakana in the name. It's a sleep item, so if someone can list the sleep items and their eng/jap names, that'd highly be appreciated. I'm having trouble finding a list of them UmU

Thank you

I think I have a reliable source. I don't play PMD though. By sleep items do you mean items that can affect the Sleep status condition?
Anything that have to do with sleep status, yes. Bands, scarfs, seeds, orbs, etc
ok, thanks

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Racket Band / ばくおんハチマキ

Sneak Scarf / こっそりスカーフ

Insomniscope / ふみんスコープ

Chesto Berry / カゴのみ

Grimy Food / ベトベタフード

Sleep Seed / すいみんのタネ

Gabite Scale / ガバイトのウロコ


Nope, all good! It was the Sleep Seed :3 thank youuuuuu
Glad I helped :)