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Okay, I tried to get through the ancient relic many times, and I end up fainting around the 95 floor and I am sick of constantly fainting. Which items should I bring so I do not faint? and how many?

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Well,I would consider bringing Moltres-pretty good for this dungeon and no you CAN NOT skip this dungeon it is a mission that you must do to unlock new missions obviously protodude77 never got past it either.You should also bring your starter Pokemons partner if it is not fully evolved I would consider trying to evolve your team to max EVOLVE before entering bring max elixers, apples, huge apple,oran berries and wear x ray specs -if you wear x ray specs when an enemy randomly appears on the map try going to that room or rooms with item(s).Keep your music box and do not press use because it will destroy the music box just keep it in your inventory then you can get mew as an addition to trying to finish the dungeon-mew appears from floor 36-98 whenever you see max elixers take them they will come in handy.

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