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Another Mystery Dungeons question.
I decided to get a Poochyena on my team as I was grinding for the upcoming battle against Team Meanies.
When I was battling in one of the dungeons, Poochyena's health when down to red. But when I tried to feed it an Oran Berry it wouldn't let me. Likewise whenever I tried to talk to Poochyena it said something along the lines of "Poochyena can't talk right now."
It eventually went back to normal again but could someone explain why this happened?


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In MD Series if a Pokemon is paralyzed or Asleep that message crops up.
However seeing as it was a Poocheyena I'm guessing Run Away Kicked in which makes the effected Pokemon unable to do anything and flee from the foe when below 1/2 HP.

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Ah yeah it must have been run away because he wasn't asleep or paralyzed.