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It's a great design choice so that people can remember the names and we should probably give some credit.

Has this ever been credited?

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at lot of these are generalised producer descions, so if it's not credited to anyone in particular then it's either the producer or the studio.
I'm not gonna list it as an answer because I have no proof (and am to lazy to look for it), but I swear I heard the reason was the producers through kids wouldn't remember the Pokemon names, even though the trainers say the names 30 times each episode.

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This source says that GameFreak didn't decide on making Pokémon say their names, but it was "OLM" Inc's decision (basically the 'studio behind the anime'). Pikachu was the first "favorite" in the community of gamers and the first "test subject" on this matter. 'They had Pikachu's voice actor do many takes of her saying Pikachu in various cute ways.' Pikachu being the 'face and brand of the anime' was also OLM Inc's decision.

As Soundwave commented, this method aided in children remembering the original 151 Pokémon.

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