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Ok. Let me explain the situation... (From my understanding!)

Togekiss5IVs (-HP)

Togekiss @Destiny Knot (Temporary)
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Timid (+Spd. -Atk.)
EVs: Random (Until I find a Reset Bag on my Super Training Pokémon "App")
- Dazzling Gleam
- Aura Sphere
- Roost
- Air Slash


Altairia 0IVs (-Everything)

Altaria @Nothing
Ability: Cloud Nine
Nature: Brave (+Atk. -Spd.) (XD)
EVs: None that I know of yet...
- Unimportant as of the moment...


Swablu 5IVs (-HP) <<<<< Expected


Now, I evolve swablu into an Altaria + Male Charizard (Altaria holding a destiny knot) = 5IVs Charmander with Dragon Dance? (-HP) <<<< Expected.

Please Confirm!

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Posted an answer half an hour ago, it hasn't been mod checked but it pretty much just said that what you are trying to do is possible but VERY timeconsuming. Just look for someone who can trade you a 4iv dd charmander.
I have a Charmander with DD and Flare Blitz if you want it. Actually, I have many.
Ofcourse! My 3DS friend code is on my profile. Same with you I presume? :)

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If one of the parents holds a Destiny Knot, the offspring will get 5 IVs from either parent, not just the one holding the Destiny Knot. A good way to breed is to hatch eggs and the offspring will most likely result in better IVs than the Altaria due to the 5 IV Togekiss, switch it with the Altaria and keep switching them in turn for ones with even better IVs, and you will eventually get a 5 IV Swablu.

Hope I helped!

Source: Experience

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Ok, firstly I doubt that that altaria is truly 6 0ivs, maybe look on a trading forum for a 3-4 iv one.
It seems to me that you think the destiny knot only passes on IV's from togekiss, it doesn't. It just passes on 5 iv's from random of either Pokemon for example if I had a ?/31/?/31/31/? Pokemon and a 31/?/31/?/?/31 Pokemon it would be possible to get a 5 iv because of this try to get an Altaria with 31 hp and possibly some other stats too. Secondly, Natures are actually more important than iv's so you NEED an everstone, remember that item that you thought was useless so sold? Yeah well you are going to need it now! It passes on the nature of whatever Pokemon is holding it, like what you thought the destiny knot did but with natures. If you don't have any flying egg group Pokemon with the right nature, (modest, timid?) then just breed without the everstone until you get the right nature.
Also both chariX and altaria are pretty bulky so you probably want hp.
Edit: Also you don't need to worry about togekiss' ev's.
Edit: If that togekiss is the only high iv thing you have then this is going to take a LONG time.

Source: Experience.

It maybe has IVs but it's "fantastic" That means less than 24 :-/... But Thank You!