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Will this breeding combo give me a 5 IV, Jolly Gible?

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Gible4IVs(-Def and -Sp. Atk)Gabite2IVs(Atk. and Def.)

Gible (M) @Destiny Knot
Ability: Sand Stream
Nature: Mild
EVs: Idk Idc
- Sand Tomb
- Sandstorm
- Take Down
- Sand Attack


Gabite (F) @Nothing
Ability: Rough Skin
Nature: Impish
EVs: Idk Idc (Again XD)
- Sand Tomb
- Dragon Claw
- Slash
- Dual Chop


Gible (Random) @Nothing
Ability: Rough Skin
Nature: Random
EVs: When have I cared XD
- Tackle
- Sand Attack
- Nothing
- Nothing

What I want:
Garchomp (M) @Garchompite
Ability: Rough Skin
Nature: Jolly (+Spd. -Sp. Atk)
- Swords Dance
- Earthquake
- Outrage
- Stone Edge

Thanks in advance!

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What do you want us to tell you? What to breed with the outcome to get what you want?
What is the question here?
Will it work if not why not? Ways to get a jolly one, ways to get that garchomp I want links that could help (I know the basics + masuda method)...
I have a 1IVs Ditto (Sp. Def) and a Togekiss 5IVs (-HP)
Also my fc is on my page incase any of you have a spare 5IVs gible (-Sp. Atk) :)
So you want it six ivs...?
If yes, then the best way would be to breed a six Iv pokemon to a another six iv(or five, but six is more reliable) and then you have a 1/32 chance (the best chance you could ever get) to get a six Iv Garchomp.
That with the random nature problem (1/25) and the fact that whether it gets the HA or not (1/2) would be around 1/410 chance, and that's hard. Better throw in items like ever stone, you'll still have a 1/50 chance though
I want 5IVs
It's still the best method ^

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First what you will need to do is to breed the outcome Gibble you have now with another compatible breed partner (anything from the monster egg group or a Ditto) that has a Jolly nature while the breeding partner holds an Everstone. That means the nature will be passed down. Keep doing this until you have one with Jolly and is male.

All you will have to do after that is just level it up and teach it the moves you want it to learn.
(I will add more links in a second.)

I hope I helped!

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You're welcome.