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In every game, there is 1 fisherman NPC that you can battle that has 6 Magikarp. I was wondering, where is he in each game? Because he is a great source of EXP points, especially in games with the Verses Seeker.

I have not found one in X or Y. There is one in DPPt outside Eterna City.

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Red/Blue/Yellow- Route 21
Gold/Silver/Crystal - There are two guys who use 4 Magikarps instead: one at Lake Of Rage and the other at Route 32
Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald - There's a guy with three Magikarp in Route 104, and another with one Magikarp and 5 Gyarados at Route 132
FireRed/LeafGreen - Route 21
Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - Route 205
HeartGold/SoulSilver - Kanto Route 12 (although he gets six Magikarps only one the third rematch)
Black/White - Route 13
Black 2/White 2 - Route 3
X/Y - Route 12

Source (It takes a while to find though)
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I only know 2. In D/P/Pt there is one on the bridge outside Eterna City, like Protean Froakie said. And in X/Y he is on Route 12 by Coumarines Harbor. That's all I know. Hope I helped!
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