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The pokemon are ditto and garchomp

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Every 256 steps, the game will decide if an egg is produced. When the man says they seem to get along, there is a 50% chance an egg will appear.

So an egg can appear after 256 steps, or 512 or so on. You are almost certain to get an egg after 1024 steps.

In D/P/Pt you are best cycling up and down the looong road in Solaceon Town. You can also see when you pass the daycare if there is an egg - f the man is looking towards the road then there is an egg!

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Or you can use your app
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It SHouldnt take too long. Go up and down a few times on cycling rd(d/p/pl) or Goldenrod(HG, SS) They SHould "breed" really fast.

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