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When you want to battle Pokémon, you throw the Pokeball and it comes out, right? But when you recall it afterward, the ball is somehow in your hand again. Can someone explain how this is physically possible?

You walk your butt over there and pick the damn ball up.
It's just a game. I'm pretty sure. Gamefreak wouldn't want to perfect the animation by making the character walk over to where the PokeBall was thrown in order to make the game realistic. They just want the game to be simple.
This gif is from the first movie, and you can see that when bulbusaur comes out of it's pokeball, it somehow fly's right into Ash's hand, so I think Sir Dan is right about the pokeball's having some sort of auto-return feature.http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view7/20140628/5059420/pokeball-o.gif

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>You walk your butt over there and pick the damn ball up.
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Alright enough of the jokes though let's get a little more serious. If a trainer throws a Pokéball especially to catch a Pokémon, the trainer will most likely walk over to it and pick it up or sent a Pokémon to retrieve it.

Although not all Pokémon Trainers throw their Pokeball's a good distance away when calling out a Pokémon, some will simply throw it up in the air and catch the ball after the Pokémon's release.

However I do know what you're getting at, how can you throw a Pokeball a good distance away one minute and then it be in your hand the next minute. Well it has been speculated the Pokeball has some sort of auto-return feature that brings it back to it's trainer after they send their Pokémon out. Of course this is just speculation as I'm not quite sure if it's been confirmed, but their have been incidents in the Anime where a trainer throws a Pokeball up in the air diagonally and then catches it on the return despite not moving and throwing it diagonally.

Of course you can theorise for yourself why the Pokeball is instantly in the trainer's hand when he/she releases his/her Pokémon. But one thing you have to bear in mind though is that Pokémon is actually intended for children despite most of their fans being of a older nature. Game Freak also aren't exactly known for their logic or being realistic for that matter.

But I guess if you don't want to believe any of those theories, I suppose it's possible that the Pokémon simply passes the Pokeball back to their trainer once they are released with their tail or paws etc.

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No gamefreak is known for it's supernatural logic at times xD
Like when they gave Volcarona Magnet rise xD
And tiny ponies whose hooves are harder than diamond. (No pun intended; you can actually catch Ponyta in Diamond)
And don't forget cotton candy creatures that can carry you across the water! :D
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This is an image that's way too big for the page.

After throwing them, the ball opens up like shown in the picture.
There is no time in which it shown that a trainer has to go pick up the ball while it's open, but since a Pokemon cannot be in two different balls (explaining why a captured Pokemon cannot be captured again until released).
It's highly possible that the trainer just goes and picks up the open Pokeball though, the anime and game maybe just never shows that moment because they find it vestigial.

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