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I watched a video on how to get Dialga and Palkia and the guy battled Palkia and it went into the first pokeball he threw at it. Later, when I found Palkia, it had full health and it went into the first pokeball I threw at it. It was not a critical capture on either. Is this a coincidence, or does it always happen?


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All Pokemon in oras go by their suggested catch rate. Palkia has a catch rate of 30 (3.9% at full health, vanilla Poké Ball). Maybe, in the video, the person was just lucky. Trust me, catching palkia would be harder than you think. It almost seems like the catch rate has lowered in oras - stays the same, but tougher.

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He used a PREMEIR BALL i used an ultra ball
Premier ball has the same capture rate as a normal poke ball. Anyway, it was just luck.
Premier balls only provide extra catch rate on special event, maybe the video was based on it (from when the starters or beldum event was out)
ok, thx
was the catch rate more than it was in gen 4?