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A guy online had a Black Kyurem in a Cherish Ball; he also had a Palkia in one as well.

He had a full team of legendaries, is it possible, or is it hacked?

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Palkia isn't hacked maybe it can be gotten in a cherish ball
Pardon me for asking but wut is a Cherish Ball?
@Da Viper

It's a special pokeball usually given from events.
Okay thanks

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Black Kyurem could be hacked, it could not be. You could get Black Kyurem from an event, and it would be in a Cherish Ball. Palkia could be hacked, it could also not be hacked. You could get Palkia from an event, and it would be in a Cherish Ball. It could be possible for it to be legit, but they probably hacked them in.
Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Palkia_(Pokémon) and https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Kyurem_(Pokémon)

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Also, I forgot to say that he also had a solgaleo in cherish ball, probably it's a event given pokemon.
I think that it should be noted that there is a very high chance that they are hacked though, mostly because of the team description.
Was the Solgaleo shiny? If it wasn't they hacked.

Darn, it wasn't a shiny.
I feel like it does explain how he managed to hit sheer cold on my Corviknight with Black kyurem

But that doesn't explain why I somehow killed his palkia.
If it wasn't a shiny it was hacked