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Just wondering.
For those curious, legit PKMN White 2 cart on DS Lite.

You mean the fused Kyurem? You can't leave if I remember correctly.
No I meant the post game catchable one. And I just tried, he doesn't unless you run from battle. Also, unrelated, but, on Pokémon Black 2, I'm still at the elite 4, and need a better team than virizion, serperior, azumarill, gigalith, mienshao, and unfezant. So which Pokémon should I take with? Current Pokémon in box Party: Lucario (named rio) and Zoroark. Gonna train them to a high level so wish me luck!
You can test this yourself. Just save right before testing and soft reset right after the testing, and you won't lose anything.
you should take Zoroark out and put serperior in, you need the dark type for the ghost types, 'cause you already have a grass-fighting type. I have cobalion Mr. Cuddle (Terrakion)  serperior chanderlure zourark and Derp (pelliper).

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No. He should not leave unless you run from the battle or get defeated.