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I have a b-kyurem would it work to trade it over to my other game and then fuse the next kyurem I get in the b2 game fuse to get w-kyurem and trade the b-kyurem back over and have both forms

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No, as the DNA Splicers is a Key item, thus not being able to transfer Kyurem-Black or Kyurem-White.

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Additionaly, trading Kyurem B/W would be like trading two Pokemon for one.
You can trade them apart though
Yes, that is true about trading them apart, but remember that he said "...and have both forms"

thus meaning that it is impossible (unless you hack) to have both forms at once in one game.
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Yes, because if you disfuse them, you could trade them seperate. Just refuse them once the trade is over. (Heres some extra info.) The reason why you can't trade them fused is, the game makers don't want you to trade two Pokemon for one.

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