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I was battling in the battle spot and someone I battled had a BLACK KYUREM, is it possible to get it in x/y without cheating or hacking? If so where do I find the DNA splicers because you can't trade Black/White Kyurem up from B2/W2?


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You can get the DNA Splicers from Kiloude City. As for battling Kyurem B that may because you were on Free Battle, not Rating.
On Free Battle all Pokemon can be used.

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Yea I forgot to mention I was in free battle so I knew why I versed it
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Ok you must have versed the black kyruem in free battles. It is possible to get the kyruem by pokebank. A lady in Kiloude city in one of the houses will give you the DNA splicers If you show her your kyruem.

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