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WITHOUT poke bank OR internet. I'm going to replay Xy. Or trading

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1. Transfer your Palkia over to Pokémon Bank.
2. Switch your copy of X/Y to OR/AS.
3. Receive your Palkia with Pokémon OR/AS.
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7UriTvbnmo
without pokebank.
Sorry about that.
If it's without trading then no, there is no possible way to get Palkia to ORAS.

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It depends on what game Palkia is in to begin with. If it is in a gen 3-5 game you need Pokebank, as simple as that. If it is in XY you can trade it via normal trade, as long as you have two 3DS machines. Using Pokebank/Internet trade you can get by with only a single 3DS.
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