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So I play Pokemon Ultra Moon and just caught my Palkia a few days ago. I saved before the encounter and then saved after that too. I then went back to Seafolk Village Pokemon Center and saved again. Only then did I realize that the Palkia's nature is Brave and NOT what I need. I've lived with it for a while but I now really want to reset to get a Modest nature, as I run it with Spacial Rend, Surf, Aura Sphere, and Earth Power. Does anyone know if I can go back to previous save files to before my encounter? Would really help. Otherwise, I'd need to reset my game. I do have Ultra Sun so could trade my legends over to that via a friend, but I'd rather not reset if there was another way.

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You cannot go back to previous save files without restarting your entire game

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Thanks dude!
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I think what you have to do is save right before the encounter and soft reset until you get the nature you want. Though I never thought natures really mattered, but to each their own. Just out of curiosity, what nature are you trying so hard to get?

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The question's description says what nature he wanted.
No I've saved since the enocunter about 20 times and I need to know if I can go back to previous save files.