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Tier: Ubers
Generation: 7 (since fairies did not exist in gens below 6, Palkia clearly had an advantage)


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Dialga is generally better than Palkia because it can learn stealth rock, and it can use draco meteor to threaten opponents that remove stealth rock. Additionally, Dialga has a lot more resistances than Palkia does, and it can get pretty good coverage using only its STAB attacks.
By the way, these reasons made Dialga better than Palkia even before Generation 6.

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What's your point about Dialga being able to Learn Draco Meteor? Palkia can learn it too, and they both have the same base SpA.
If you used Palkia to threaten defoggers, then you would have to have another Pokemon use stealth rock and then switch to Palkia to use draco meteor. If you used Dialga, then you wouldn't have to spend a turn switching.
Okay, I had a feeling that's what you meant, but the way you worded it (to me) made it sound like Dialga could use Draco Meteor better than Palkia, regardless of situation.